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Fax cover form 1

Last update: August 26, 2023
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Fax cover form 1
Fill out the form online and get a custom fax cover ready, or just download the template in the desirable format: DOCXF or PDF.Create a perfectly outlined template for fax message with all information about the sender and the recipient, title field, fax text and more.
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1. Click Fill Out to launch the form editor online 2. Fill in the necessary information in the empty fields 3. Download the ready document from the editor
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Are ONLYOFFICE forms free to use?
ONLYOFFICE templates are absolutely free to use.
Do I need to register to fill out a form?
No registration is needed to use the forms: ONLYOFFICE will open the form you choose in the new window, ready to be filled.
Can I download the forms and create documents using them locally?

Use ONLYOFFICE Docs online or ONLYOFFICE Dekstop Editors to fill forms in the preferred location and create your own. Read more about creating forms in ONLYOFFICE.

Can I modify the forms?
No, it is not possible to modify the forms. You can only fill in the content in the existing body, or export the form into DOCXF and modify the text file.
What format does ONLYOFFICE use for the forms?
Ready forms are saved and distributed in PDF.
Do I need additional software to work with ONLYOFFICE forms?

You can use ONLYOFFICE Docs or free ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors to work with the forms.

I found a mistake / I want to update a form. Can I suggest revision?
You can suggest an update/revision for a form on the form page.
I can’t find the template I need in the library. What do I do?

We happily accept template suggestions to introduce these templates in our form library in the future. Please contact us at to submit your ideas.

Is it possible to embed a form in my website?
It is technically possible. Please contact us at
I couldn’t find the answer to my questions. Where should I go?

Please use our community forum to receive support, or send us an inquiry at